Dakota Rose Lucky Louu


 HEIGHT: 23.25”
WEIGHT: 49lbs.
COAT: Liver/White/Roan & Ticked – Dense/ Harsh
BITE/EYES: Normal/Normal
OFA HIPS and Thyroid: Good
AKC and NAVHDA Registered
Lucky Lou_pedigree

Attributes/Accomplishments: Lou is a product of distinguished pedigree. Both parents are NAVHDA Versatile Champions each having achieved these titles on their first attempt. Her sire, VC Griff’s Viking Chewbacca (Snup) was the youngest dog to achieve a perfect score at the NAVHDA Invitational when achieving his VC! Her dam, VC Thunderhill’s Dakota Belle also earned her VC title on her first/only attempt at the 2006 NAVHDA Invitational as a 2 year old! Belle’s sire is the well known and highly influential GWP, VC Ken Vospet. Much thought and planning went into selecting “Snup” for what would become Belle’s final litter. Lou was the only pup in this litter and continues the legacy of Dakota Rose Kennels. As the photo illustrate, Lou is an outstanding physical specimen with exceptional composition. Structurally she has an ideal coat, striking top line, deep chest, proportionate frame and all other attributes sought in a GWP. She has a dynamic personality and stable, pleasant temperament. In the field she has fluid, effortless movement while she compliantly seeks quarry. Her nose well exceeds most and often leads her to finding and pointing birds others miss. On point, she strikes a pose that is nothing short of breathtaking. Her intensity is unrivaled and many times she throws a front leg and high tail while pinning birds—Lou’s silhouette leaves many in awe. We are encouraged by the promise and potential Lou embodies. Our patience appears to be paying off and we look forward to the future with guarded optimism.

Dakota Rose Magic Minnie

NAVHDA NA: Prize1 112Points
NAVHDA & AKC: Registered
OFA Hips & Thyroid:  Good

 Minnie on the Rocks


Minnie is a female pup out of a repeat breeding of Versatile Champion Belle and Versatile Champion Warren. She is a great looking pup that has everything you want in a top quality dog (good coat, strong pointing instincts, stylish, good nose, natural backer, drive, and great temperament). After Six seasons of hunting, Minnie she has demonstrated outstanding hunting capabilities. She is a true four-legged bird-finding machine!  Minnie’s Pedigree


VC Thunderhill’s Dakota Belle (Retired)

Belle is best described as a complete package. At 18 months was a Utility Prize 1 (score 202). She has great desire and drive. Her love of water is only surpassed by her passion for hunting wild pheasants on the North Dakota prairie. She is a medium ranging, very stylish pointer with a good nose, great instincts and unbelievable stamina. Belle has a beautiful coat (dense harsh, black ticked) with very nice furnishings. At 60 lbs., she is very athletic and a strong swimmer. Belle is a happy dog that loves people, dogs and training. Belle, at 2 1/2 years old earned her VC (Versatile Champion) title in Ohio at the NAVHDA 2006 Invitational. Belle’s pups have turned out to be great looking dogs with outstanding hunting instincts and are excellent family members. Her pups have done well at NAVHDA tests, earning Belle a NAVHDA natural breeders award. NAVHDA NA: Prize III, 100 pts, NAVHDA UT: Prize I, 202 pts, NAVHDA Invitational: Pass, 197 pts. Penn Hip: Left-0.31, Right-0.38 NAVHDA & AKC: Registered Belle’s Pedigree

VC Hunter’s Ridge Dakota Rose (In Memory)

Rosie is a 3-test dog in the NAVHDA program (Natural Ability Prize 1, Utility Test Prize 1). She earned her Versatile Champion Title in 2002. Her pedigree is a result of outstanding breeding including numerous Versatile Champions. Rosie’s coat is medium dense, medium harsh, liver and white ticked. She is a medium-ranging, very cooperative dog with a great nose and incredible prey drive, pointing and retrieving instincts. Rosie’s love of the fields and water of North Dakota has made training and hunting productive and enjoyable for both dog and man. NAVHDA NA: Prize I, 112 pts, NAVHDA UT: Prize I, 189 pts, NAVHDA VC: Pass, 197 pts. OFA: 2468G24M Good NAVHDA & AKC: Registered

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