Breed Standard

The AKC breed standard describes GWPs as well-muscled, medium-sized dogs with their most distinquishing characteristics being their weather-resistant coat and facial furnishings. The standard calls for males to be 24-26 inches tall and females to be smaller, but not under 22 inches tall. The written standard describes what an ideal dog of the breed should look like and is the guideline by which responsible breeders judge their dogs.

It is not uncommon for hunters and their Wirehairs to jumphunt ducks in the morning, hunt quail, pheasant or chukar in the afternoon, and wait in a blind for an evening flight of geese. Wirehairs serve as companions who’d rather sleep on their owners’ feet than anywhere else. They compete successfully in conformation shows, horseback field trials, AKC hunting tests, agility, obedience, and every type of performance event you can name. It is not uncommon to find the same dog participating in several of these events concurrently! They also serve individuals and communities in the form of therapy dogs, drug detection dogs, and much more.

Temperament and Training

Along with the intelligence and will the Wirehair possesses, the breed also has the capability to be very creative and somewhat independent. They prefer to work for who they like and will very often create their own rules of engagement. Wirehairs generally are a high energy, high drive, though not “hyper,” breed and the need for a “job” is a must! Even if the job description includes only retrieving newspapers and slippers, this breed needs to be given meaningful work. GWPs are extremely devoted dogs. In fact, they crave human companionship, doing best in a home where they are permitted a very warm, close relationship with “their people.” They are a breed that typically does not make a good kennel dog, nor a dog that lives all its life in a backyard with little human contact. When raised in a home with one owner, they become very definite oneperson dogs. When raised in a home with several people, including children, they adopt the whole family, although some dogs may attach more strongly to one member of the household.

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