• Jeremy and JoLeen Johnson


    Hi Kenny,
    We would recommend Dakota Rose Kennel to a hunter that is looking for his next hunting partner and family dog. We had searched the internet and talked to many kennels before we talked to Kenny. We chose Kenny because of his customer service and willingness to get to know us and what we wanted. A big plus for us was that we got to pick out our own puppy, instead of the breeder choosing for us. When we came to visit the kennels, we immediately fell in love with Minnie and her great mellow personality. We are very particular when it comes to structure and composition of our animals, and Kenny’s dogs are very sound and travel well. The kennel and garage were clean and didn’t smell like dogs lived there. We could tell that Kenny loves his dogs and has a lot of pride in how he manages them.
    Our dog, Einar, is only 20 months old and we have already decided that we will be coming back to Dakota Rose for our next family member. Einar has great instinct and drive in the field, and an unbelievable nose. We have raised and trained many Labs, but very few had the drive that Kenny’s dogs have. He points hard, loves to swim, and lives to hunt. This morning Einar aced a 300 yard blind retrieve on two swans. He is versatile, as he will point and flush pheasants and then retrieve ducks/geese out of our biggest sloughs. He is also a great fit in our family as we have lots of small children, horses, and cows, and he gets along fine with them. He lives in the house with us and is very mellow, except when he goes hunting. His coloring is impressive and he stands out everywhere we take him.
    We are very glad we made the switch to a German Wirehair Pointer from Dakota Rose Kennel.
    Thank you,
    Jeremy and JoLeen Johnson
    Egeland, ND
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