• John E Wilson

    Hey Kenny….Just a quick note to thank you for meeting me in Fargo….saved me another 4 hours of driving. Also thanks for being so organized & making the purchase of my new hunting buddy so easy. After getting all the great photos & updates on the litter I was pretty excited to finally meet you & “Tater”……….

    Speaking of which, this pup is now 9 months old…he is VERY tall, beautiful long legs to go with the long lean body & he’s finally got that great looking GWP beard. On our daily walks he just goes full speed & easily launches over any sagebrush obstacles he might encounter. Tried hunting him in Kansas last November but everywhere we went the pheasant population had been devastated by either floods/hail up north or drought in the southwest. I had to resort to taking him to some game farms in Colorado to get him on some birds….I needn’t have worried. Once he got downwind of the planted birds he had to be restrained on the check cord….on the third bird he started pointing though he’s not steady on birds yet. The important thing at this stage though is that he is a hugely enthustiastic & focused hunter with boundless energy. Every bird I shot he was on it instantly & retrieved to hand without hesitation. He even marked a wounded bird down & after 200+ yards of trailing it he pounced on it & brought it to hand.

    Lastly is his great disposition. Over the Holidays he spent a lot of time with both visiting adults & children (7 grandkids). He was great with them all. He has also met all kinds of other dogs through friends of mine…all he wants to do is play & chase & after he turned 6 months old he was wearing them out. This is my 3rd GWP & he is going to be the best yet. He’s the most handsome GWP I’ve ever seen & is admired by everyone who sees him. The place I hunted in Colorado raises German Shorthairs & their son wanted to know where I got Tater he was so impressed & Tater’s only 9 months old. So far he’s doing real well with Come, Whoa, Sit, Stay, Heel & is a retrieving Champ….by next year I’m confident he’ll have it all down pat………

    Thanks again & have a great 2012…………sincerely, John E Wilson…..PS….. Feel free to use me as a reference………

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