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    Hi Kenny, I bet you thought I would reply 🙂 I am answering both questions, you and your webmaster can choose content as you wish.

    –Actual purchase process including deposit, communication, photos, updates, puppy packets, etc./–Puppy itself: natural instincts, trainability, hunting ability, socialization/disposition

    Kenny is the best breeder of communication with potential owners. He sent many updates, informative on how Belle (Dam) was doing, and numerous pics after the pups were born. Week after week we were updated. Many other breeders I spoke to were surprised with how much time Kenny spent taking and emailing pictures. At the same time, he took my calls and answered all my questions and his knowledge was great at helping me pick the puppy for me and family. I have trained numerous flushers, this was my first experience with a pointer. On the day, I picked up my pup, Kenny had so much information and was so helpful. Most breeders just release you to the pups and have you pick one, he let us meet the mother and spend time with all the pups available. If I would not have been able to meet at least one of the parents, I would not have taken a pup.

    I took this pup out day 1 of Pheasant opener in North Dakota at 6 mos. old, I had worked with him in the local Central Dakota Chapter of NAVHDA for a couple months. He has done so well so early and Kenny told me I’d regret taking him out this year if I waited. My pup has great drive, he is a great retriever and pointer, I worked with him greatly on fetch, come sit whoa (Stay) and heel. He is already holding points and making long retrieves through very difficult brush. I took him to a professional guide hunt at 7 months old and the guides were very impressed with his drive and determination, he was still a puppy and they told me, you are going to have YEARS of great hunts with that dog.

    Temperament wise, I have 2 teenage daughters, a 3 year old son, and a 1 year old cocker and he is a great companion and friend to all of them. He loves his crate and will even “crate” or “Kennel up” upon my children’s command. He loves being with his people.

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